New Distance Learning Classrooms For Grades K – 6th

School Year   2020-2021

Dear Parents,

The last several months have been a challenge for everyone, particularly families with young children. The first consideration on all of our minds is the health and safety of everyone. Beyond those concerns, our lives have changed in so many ways.

Added to the above issues, our children’s intellectual and social well being have been greatly impacted. As you all know, last March when our school aged children began Spring Break, the schools unexpectedly closed due to Covid-19 concerns for the foreseeable future. This suddenly left many parents without childcare.

As of today, the public school system has not yet determined if class will be held virtually or on site, if parents will have the choice, and if it will be full or part time. The latest information from the school districts is that school will begin as distance learning until at least Labor Day. After that, parents may have the option to choose. We will continue to offer care for your school aged child as long as virtual learning is a choice in the public school. We will give your child the space and time to adhere to the schedule provided by his or her school district, with assistance where needed.

At Luv-n-Care Child Development Centers, we have remained open to serve our parents and children, as we have done for the last 40 plus years. Of course, we have modified our centers to meet and exceed any and all mandates put forth by City and State Officials, the CDC, and State Childcare Regulations.

Pre-K and Kinder Readiness – Our Kinder Readiness program provides a stimulating curriculum which will actively engage your child’s thinking, reasoning, and communication skills. The TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) guidelines and TPT (Teachers Pay Teachers) resources used focus on the ten domains of education: social/emotional, language and communication, science, emergent literacy reading and writing, math, technology, social studies, fine arts, and physical development. Our classrooms are specifically divided into centers that encompass these domains to allow children the ability to self-direct their learning.

School Aged Children – We offer a safe learning environment for school aged children with an enhanced schedule to accommodate virtual learning. Staff are on hand to assist where needed. We have an area designated for distance learning, live face to face virtual instruction, and lessons. Children will be seated as far apart as possible. Masks will be required for children over 10 years of age.

After School Pickup – For children who attend area Elementary Schools, we will provide transportation to our facility. Once children arrive, they will wash their hands upon arrival. Snack, time for homework, and activities will follow. We provide care during public school Holidays. We also provide Winter, Spring, and Summer Camp.

We will keep you updated as more information from the school districts becomes available.

we look forward to meeting you