science, technology, engineering

by Bricks, Bytes, & Bots


A unique curriculum insures kids are never bored as they experience a wide variety of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) activities on a rotating basis. 2-year olds are introduced to laptop computers with our proven “GiggleBytes®” curriculum which teaches computer language, concepts, skills and keyboarding. We also integrate tablet technology as well as beginning building activities with DuploÒ.

3-5-year olds will do a different unit each month:

Bricks- Age appropriate building, engineering and construction using DuploÒ, LEGOÒ and other materials.

Bytes – laptop and tablet technology, integrating our proven “GiggleBytes®” curriculum: computer language, concepts, skills and keyboarding/ typing.

Bots – Robotics lessons introduce robotics vocabulary, and age appropriate programming with hands on robot building and action!
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